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Webinar: Compliance in SEA – Opportunities and challenges in a Down-to-Earth Practical Approach


published on 5 February 2021


Without any doubt, compliance is one of the most complex issues to handle, especially in cross-border business ventures covering multiple legislative backgrounds. The risks that obviously meet the eye are often only the proverbial tip of the iceberg with much more waiting beneath the surface – maybe silent for a while, but involving substantial financial and operational risks.


As precaution is much better than cure, this session will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the considerations to keep in mind and to keep in sight to monitor and handle potential compliance issues in order to successfully secure and evolve your international business operations. It is our pleasure to welcome Aurélie Saada, APAC Risk Lead at Microsoft Singapore, doing fraud prevention and detection for all Microsoft clients and falling back on more than 15 years of international experience in risk management and audit, as expert speaker, next to our most valued colleague Stefan Ewers.


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