Liquid Legal: Towards a Common Legal Platform


published on 16 September 2020 | reading time approx. 1 minute


In the author’s view, collaboration is the “leitmotif” of legal transformation. In particular, the combination of a structure familiar to legal professionals with elements of modern creativity techniques provides a way to effectively collaborate in Legal Tech projects.



Using two practical cases as examples, the author shows how such methods can be implemented in the legal day-to-day-business. The first example named “raising awareness” refers to internal processes within a law firm while the second example named “the grey eminence” focuses on collaborating with clients. In line with the overarching topic of the publication, the article demonstrates that a Common Legal Platform (CLP) will significantly facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experiences between stakeholders in Legal Tech projects.


“Harmonia Est Discordia Concors: A Little War Story About LegalTech Implementation and Collaboration“ – article in the book “Liquid Legal – Towards a Common Legal Platform” by Sebastian Schüßler.


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