Entry requirements for China – Return to normal


last updated on 11 May 2023


Entry requirements to China have been further simplified in light of past restrictions due to the Corona pandemic.



Travelers to China are still required to take a Corona test within 48 hours before departure. However, a PCR test is no longer mandatory; a rapid test is sufficient. In addition, airlines are no longer required to check the test result at check-in or upon boarding. If the test result is positive, the travel should be suspended until a negative test result is available.
Although the PCR test requirement no longer applies, a health declaration from Chinese customs must still be completed. For this purpose, the corresponding code for WeChat ("Customs Pocket Declaration") can be scanned on the website of the Chinese embassy. Alternatively, the health declaration can also be found on the this website. In the health declaration, a code including date and time is generated after the data has been transmitted and validated. It is advisable to take a screenshot of the code, as the code is not only checked at check-in or when boarding the flight, but also again on arrival at the airport in China.
The issuance of visas for China continues on a path of normalization. Valid visas with an issuance date before March 28, 2020 can be used for entry again. China's foreign missions are also again issuing visas of all types including business and tourist visas. In some cases, visa-free entry is also possible again, e.g. for the province of Hainan or for cruise passengers in Shanghai. Further information can be obtained from the China Visa Application Service Center.
For Chinese nationals, entry into Germany has been unrestricted again since May 1, 2023. The presentation of a negative corona test is no longer required.
Overall, the entry regulations are thus almost coming close to the situation before the pandemic. Nevertheless, it is advisable to check the travel regulations on the website of the Chinese embassy for possible updates before traveling to China. In addition, the processing of visa applications, at least for a transitional period, may take longer than it did before the pandemic. The number of flights to and from China is also not yet at pre-pandemic levels. Higher airfares and overbooking are still to be expected.

If you have any questions regarding entry, visa procedures, expatriation, or other labor or tax-related matters, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The above information is based on our knowledge on the day of publication. In principle, however, the entry and quarantine regulations can change at any time, even at very short notice. Travelers are therefore strongly advised to obtain the relevant information again in good time before the planned day of travel, for example on the website of the Chinese embassy. In addition, it is strongly recommended to review the local regulations at the planned place of arrival and to prepare accordingly.

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