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Covid-19: Current Entry Regulations for China


last updated on 8 April 2021


To prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, extensive entry bans for foreigners have been in force in China since March 28, 2020. Since the end of September, new regulations have been issued, which open up new perspectives, especially for foreigners working or living on site.




 As of 8 April

​Adjustment and partial facilitation of entry regulations in China

The entry requirements in China are sometimes adjusted very quickly. Since March 2, 2021, a procedure now applies that we have prepared graphically for you. So it should be possible to make all the arrangements. Please note that the regulations can change very quickly - we will keep you up to date at this point and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about visas or the applicable regulations in person. 

If a foreign citizen gets vaccinated in China, the person should have an antibody test done in China before flying back to the home country. If the person enters Germany or another country and wants to re-enter China at a later date, the antibody test can prove that the antibodies are based on the vaccination in China, which can be an advantage.


The above information is based on our knowledge on the day of publication. In principle, however, the entry and quarantine regulations can change at any time, even at very short notice. Travelers are therefore strongly advised to obtain the relevant information again in good time before the planned day of travel, for example on the website of the Chinese embassy. In addition, it is strongly recommended to review the local regulations at the planned place of arrival and to prepare accordingly.

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