Myanmar: No confirmed corona cases so far


published on 11 March 2020 | reading time approx. 2 minutes


Despite the examinations of suspected cases of corona virus infections in Myanmar, nearly all have proven negative until today. There are/were a total of 81 patients under investigation across Myanmar from 31 January to 9 March 2020 of which 79 were confirmed negative but 75 of these patients are still quaran­tined. The remaining two suspected cases are still under examination but so far no in­fection with the virus has been detected.


The Ministry of Health and Sports is updating their website regularly and transparent with providing informing to the public. For three deaths from last week in different hospitals in the country, the National Health La-boratory (NHL) has conducted post-mortem tests for COVID-19 but found no trace of the virus. According to Myanmar Times, the three deaths were related to heart illnesses, diabetes and pneumonia. Myanmar autho­rities, especially the Ministry of Health and Sports, are taking the current situation with the global outbreak of the coronavirus very serious and measure­ments are being ramped up constantly to prevent the virus from en­tering the country.

Singapore has sent additional 3,000 Covid-19 testing kits and two polymerase chain reaction machines to Myanmar recent­ly and the US Agency for International Development supported the Health Ministry with equipment to protect health workers from patients who display cold or flu-like symptoms. 14 airlines have cancelled their flights to China and Korean Air has sus­pended direct flights to South Korea on 3 March 2020 due to the in­creased number of infec­tions in South Korea.

The impact on the economy is noticeable for the tourism sector already since visa-on-arrival for Chinese tou­rists are on hold and many Chinese as well as inter­national travellers have can-celled their trips to the “golden Land”.

But also the agriculture and garment sector are affected by the sus­pension of imports and exports to and from China. So far 13 factories have closed down their opera­tions due to the lack of raw material but international financial institutions expect at this point a rather slight cut in the GDP by 0.2 per cent.



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