Myanmar and Covid-19: New Guidelines


​​published on 24 April 2020


The Myanmar government advised that all work which can be done remotely should be done from home until 15th of May 2020.




If any companies requires their employees to appear at the workplace, it is obligatory to follow the  “Guideline for Prevention and Control of Covid-19 Disease in Factories, Work-places and Construction Sites” released by the Ministry of Health and Sports on the 19th of April 2020:


Official Myanmar Version »

Unofficial English Translation by Rödl & Partner »


The guidelines are regulating work space set-up, work procedures and obligations of em-ployers and employees in further detail. Please note that factories and workshops are obliged to apply for an inspection and are only allowed to resume operations until success-fully passing such inspection!


Please also note that the Yangon curfew restricting movement from 10pm until 4am is extended until 18th of June 2020.

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