Covid-19 news from Croatia


published on 10 November 2021 | reading time approx 2 minutes


From 6. November 2021 restrictions for gatherings, and from 15. November 2021 covid-certificates in government and public services, including schools.




Considering the current epidemiological situation, but also in the environment, the situation in the health system, which is under increasing pressure due to the growing number of infected, the Civil Protection of the Republic of Croatia concluded that in the coming period to prevent the spread of covid-19 the following actions:


  • to achieve the greatest possible vaccination of citizens
  • introduce additional restrictions on gatherings that are potential sources of covid-19 disease spread
  • achieve the greatest possible security when performing activities and jobs that will not be restricted, which can be proven by testing or EU digital covid certification.


Gatherings: Measures take effect from 6. November 2021

  • It is forbidden to hold all public events and gatherings indoors where more than 50 people are present in one place, unless it is a public event or gathering attended only by persons with EU digital covid certificate (so far it referred to more than 100);
  • Measures are being tightened to hold all public events and gatherings indoors with more than 50 people, where, with the participation of the EU digital covid certificate, it will be mandatory to use a medical mask or face mask and maintain the necessary physical distance. (so far this has not been mandatory for gatherings with the EU digital covid certificate);
  • The measure of banning all public events and outdoor gatherings attended by more than 100 people in one place is still valid, unless it is a public event or gathering attended only by persons with an EU digital covid certificate;
  • All public events and gatherings must end no later than 24.00 hours, which means that gatherings with EU digital covid certificates for which the local headquarters has given consent for maintenance cannot last longer than 24.00 hours, nor professional artistic performances and programs, exhibitions in museum spaces and similar cultural events. The only exceptions are cinema screenings that started before 23.00 and can end after 24.00. Also, wedding ceremonies where all those present have EU digital covid certificates must end no later than 02.00 (so far they have not been limited in time), and additional time limits will be considered according to the epidemiological situation.
  • Congresses and conferences will be able to be held only if all those present have an EU digital covid certificate, and the condition is that it is mandatory to use medical masks or face masks and to maintain physical distance;
  • Sports competitions will be able to be held in the presence of spectators only if everyone has EU digital covid certificates (there is no possibility of attending up to 100 spectators with an epidemiological framework developed by the County Institute of Public Health and County Headquarters), and indoors spectators except the EU Digital covid certification, you must also use medical masks or face masks.


EU digital covid certificate for state and public services - enters into force on 15 November

In the context of increasing security in the performance of non-restricted work, preparations are underway and new decisions will be made in the coming days to introduce the obligation to have an EU digital covid certificate as a prerequisite for doing business and activities.


As the obligation to have the EU digital covid certificate in the health system and social welfare activities has been introduced, it will be introduced for all civil servants and employees, civil servants and employees in public services, civil servants and employees in local and regional self-government and employees of trade companies and institutions founded by the Republic of Croatia, state administration bodies and local and regional self-government units.


Apart from them, having an EU digital covid certificate will be mandatory for everyone who comes to their premises. Depending on the development of the epidemiological situation and the pressure on the health system, the obligation to test or prove an acceptable level of EU safety with digital covid certificates will be introduced for other activities as well.

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