Croatia: New rules allowing business people and some other categories to enter for urgent reasons


published on 15 May 2020 | reading time approx. 1,5 minutes


Restrictions on foreign travel and on entry to countries remain in place in Eastern, Central and Southeastern Europe.  Croatia is among the few countries that have announced specific measures for foreign travelers entering their countries.



The authorities issued a decision allowing Croatian citizens to go abroad, and foreign citizens to enter Croatia, but only for economic or urgent personal reasons. Crossing the border requires adherence to epidemiological recommendations, but citizens will no longer have to isolate themselves after entering the country.
This relaxation only applies to Member States of the European Union. Entry from third countries into EU territory is prohibited until 15 June.
Starting on Monday, as the third stage of relaxation of restrictions, gatherings of up to 40 people would be allowed, and shopping centers, restaurants and national and nature parks would be allowed to reopen. Artists and cultural workers will be allowed to hold practices and rehearsals, individually and in small groups and sports and recreational centers, gyms and fitness centers will be allowed to reopen as of May 13 (swimming pools a week later).
The decision prohibiting people from leaving their registered place of residence is being repealed, but can be reactivated at a national level or at a regional or local level.
Croatia also has to set up general elections by year’s end, and the question of timing is all important here as well. Support for the actual Prime Minister has growing during the health crisis, recent polls have shown, and many observers believe the party will opt for elections as soon as possible to capitalize on this.
However, the opposition can also profit from elections held this summer because the health crisis has erased from the public mind other smaller left-wing rivals that would otherwise have taken away some votes.

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