Croatia: Reopening of the borders


published on 20 May 2020 | reading time approx. 1 minute


The Civil Protection Office of the Republic of Croatia decided on 9 May 2020 to reopen the borders of the Republic of Croatia to Croatian citizens. Croatian citizens can therefore cross the border freely and do not have to go to self-quarantine after entering the country, provided they do not have any symptoms of covid-19.


EU citizens and citizens of third countries can enter the Republic of Croatia if they have a business reason or other economic interest. They are also allowed to enter Croatia if they have any other reason that cannot be postponed (for example, because they own a property or a boat, as well as if they go to a funeral). The reason must also be provable, such as the possession of an invitation for a business appointment/meeting, a land register extract, etc.

If in doubt, however, it is advisable, as a precaution, to check with the police via e-mail ( whether the entry into the country would be permitted for the reason in question and to announce the planned entry.

The traveler does not have to undergo any examination or does not have to prove that he is not covid-19 positive before entering the country. However, the traveler must not have any visible covid-19 symptoms. When entering the country, the traveler will receive a brochure with the general rules of conduct (at least 1.5m away from other people, wash hands as often as possible, etc.) and must comply with these. After arrival at the travel destination there are no further obligations in connection with covid-19, in particular the self-quarantine is not obligatory, but if the traveler’s health does deteriorate, measures mentioned in the brochure must be taken.

It is conceivable that entry to the Republic of Croatia will soon be possible without restrictions, but of course this depends on the development of the pandemic.

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