Croatia: Special regulations regarding the coronavirus epidemic


published on 25 March 2020 | reading time approx. 2 minutes


The Croatian Government adopted 63 measures to prop up the economy during the COVID-19 epidemic, with the aim of preserving jobs and enabling payment of wages.


The main objective of these measures is to provide incentives for preserving jobs, but also to mitigate liquidity risks for those businesses whose activities were reduced due to the epidemic. The measures refer to:

  • taxes and contributions,
  • loans and financing options for small and medium enterprises,
  • jobs preserving measures,
  • tourism and hospitality and
  • culture projects and independents artists.


The Croatian government launched a special website,, where it will publish all relevant information regarding the novel coronavirus in the country. The website also contains general information on self-isolation, instructions on what to do if someone suspects they have contracted the coronavirus, the government's measures and press releases by the national civil protection authority.

The website also brings "myths and truths about coronavirus", a chronology of the coronavirus epidemic and the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding the virus.

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