Shanghai – Back to normal

last updated on 8 June 2022

Lockdowns in China have not been unknown in the last two years, but with the lockdown in Shanghai, which has lasted for more than eight weeks, the Chinese government's strict zero covid policy has taken on a new dimension. With almost 25 million inhabitants and as the economic heart of China, the effects of this lockdown on the entire Chinese, but also global economy are clearly noticeable. 



In order to cushion the economic consequences of the lockdown for companies based in China, the city government of Shanghai has already taken various measures during the lockdown. Simultaneously with the official end of the lockdown on 1 June 2022, another package of measures was launched to enable the struggling economy to recover more quickly. 
The government's goal is an almost complete lifting of all restrictions within the shortest possible time and the strict prevention of new outbreaks in the city. On this page we would like to keep you informed about the various relief packages. In addition to the fiscal and financial measures, we will also take a look at the legal hurdles and what you should definitely consider when resuming business activities - both currently and in the coming weeks.


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