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Mexico: Covid-19 vaccine for foreign nationals


published on 8 February 2021 | reading time approx. 1 minute


On 2 February 2021 the Mexican government began its registration program for scheduling appointments for the administration of covid-19 vaccines to the general population. Foreign nationals are also entitled to take part in it.



In its current form, the official covid-19 vaccination program foresees the following schedule, which may be subjected to changes in manufacturing and logistics:

  • Population older than 60 will begin vaccinations in February 2021;
  • Population older than 50 will begin vaccinations in April 2021;
  • Population older than 40 will begin vaccinations in May 2021;
  • The remaining population will begin vaccinations in June 2021;


There is no official document about vaccination plans that directly references foreigners. However, non-nationals that currently reside in Mexico (regardless of the reason of their stay, e.g. work, studies, etc.) are part of the current calculations and are entitled to receive the vaccine according to the aforesaid calendar.


It should be stated that for registering in the vaccination program is necessary to use an Individual Population Registry Number (Clave Única de Registro de Población or CURP) which is provided during the procedure for obtaining a temporary or permanent resident visa.


Covid-19 vaccines are part of an universal vaccination program, this meaning that all individuals, including those who are not registered in the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS in Spanish) are entitled to be immunized according to the current availability levels.


On a different note, as the government relies heavily of the production levels of pharmaceutic companies, individuals are not entitled to choose which vaccine is applied to them at the moment. This might change as more are approved by the Ministry of Health.


As for the moment, the website provided by the government for taking part in the registration program does not have the option to select other languages. Therefore, non-Spanish speakers may require to reach out to someone who can assist them during the procedure.

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