Investment Guide India: Framework conditions for investments with a focus on Tamil Nadu


published on 27 February 2023

Aptly named the “Industrial Powerhouse of India”, the State of Tamil Nadu is the second largest economy in India and India’s most industrialized State. It is home to various industries across almost every sector. From the Handlooms of Kanchipuram to the upcoming Spaceports in Kulashekarapatnam, Tamil Nadu has blazed a pioneering trail through every industrial sector to occupy the No.1 spot in India’s growth story over the decades.


Businesses from all over the world today favour Tamil Nadu as an investment destination of choice. With its well established eco system in manufacturing, research and development spanning skilled workforce, SME supplier networks, strong linkages to global supply chains, quality transportation networks, logistical efficiency, proximity to ports, peaceful Industrial relations and acclaimed work culture, Tamil Nadu is a destination sought by global companies that want to set up business in India. The State proudly hosts not just more than 130 global Fortune 500 companies, but also nearly 40,000 SMEs.
Although businesses worldwide flock to Tamil Nadu, the State’s association with companies from the Federal Republic of Germany has been one of the most enduring and successful. German businesses have a strong presence in Tamil Nadu in various sectors, including Heavy Engineering & Components, Machine Tools, Auto­mo­biles, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Renewable Energy, and more.


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