Cyprus – National Regulations in Employment Law


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Below you will find basic information on national labour law provisions in Cyprus.

Interview with Elena Loucaides

Are there national and/or local collective agreements in the country that regulate labour relations?

Yes. At national, local and company level depending on factors such as sector/industry and geographical location.

Are there different legal rules by department/canton?


Is there and what is the staff threshold above which the presence of staff representatives is mandatory?

Not compulsory. But the company’s size thresholds required for staff representation is more than 30 employees, without such representation being mandatory. 

For informative purposes: The Laws regarding the Establishment of a General Framework for Informing and Consulting Employees (Law 78(I)/2005 and Law 160(I)/2018), apply to all businesses with more than 30 employees, and provide for certain rights and obligations of employees' representatives.

Are trade unions present in the company?

Not compulsory.  However, trade unions and employer associations are required by law to be registered with the official Trade Union Registrar at the Department of Labour Relations (DLR) of the Labour Ministry. 

If applicable what is the applicable legal working time?  

Working time in any week may not exceed 48 (forty-eight) hours on average, including overtime (subject to any other laws or regulations providing for more favourable arrangements for workers through specific industry or wide collective or enterprise-based agreements).

Is there a minimum wage set by law/collective agreements (yes/no)? 

Yes. Minimum wage is set by law. Salary is not determined by law for domestic workers, the workers in agricultural and animal farming workers and seamen, where salaries are determined either by collective agreement, where they apply, or by a written agreement between the employer and the employee, upon recruitment.

What is the number of legal annual paid holidays?

The duration of paid annual leave for employees who worked no less than 48 weeks within 1 annual leave year is: 
- 20 working days for employees who work 5 days a week; and 
- 24 working days for employees who work 6 days a week. 

Existence of specific classification of employees according to their functions/responsibilities? 

No. Employees are not classified by law according to their functions/responsibilities with the exception of employees holding an office in a company (i.e. directorship position). Employees’ classification in terms of their functions / responsibilities is determined by the employer.   Employees are classified however according to the duration of employment and working time (i.e. full-time, part-time, temporary, intern and seasonal employees).

Obligation to set up complementary social insurance schemes (mutual insurance/provident fund/pension)?

Yes. Each employed person in Cyprus is compulsorily insured under the Social Insurance Scheme. 
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