Latvia – National Regulations in Employment Law


We, the International Labour and Employment Group of Rödl & Partner, are happy to advise you on labour law issues (individual and collective) as well as social security law issues on a global, regional and local level.

Below you will find basic information on national labour law provisions in Latvia.

Interview with Kristine Zvejniece

Are there national and/or local collective agreements in the country that regulate labour relations?

Yes. Both national and/or local.

Are there different legal rules by department/canton?


Is there and what is the staff threshold above which the presence of staff representatives is mandatory?

No. But there can be a staff representative if the staff has over 5 employees.

Are trade unions present in the company?

Not compulsory. But may be established in a company.

If applicable what is the applicable legal working time? 

40 hours a week. Different determination is possible depending on the type of work and/or employee's age.


Is there a minimum wage set by law/collective agreements (yes/no)? 

Yes. Set by the law.

What is the number of legal annual paid holidays?

4 calendar weeks per year.

Existence of specific classification of employees according to their functions/responsibilities? 

No. But can be determined by company.


Obligation to set up complementary social insurance schemes (mutual insurance/provident fund/pension)?

No. Only state social insurance is mandatory.
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