Slovakia – National Regulations in Employment Law


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Below you will find basic information on national labour law provisions in Slovakia.

Interview with Lenka Valková 

Are there national and/or local collective agreements in the country that regulate labour relations?

Yes. National, depending on the activity of the employer.

Are there different legal rules by department/canton?


Is there and what is the staff threshold above which the presence of staff representatives is mandatory?

No. However staff representatives are mandatory present in the situation described in the Labour Code or other Acts (such as representative for health and safety). The supervisory board of joint stock companies with more than 50 employees should have 1 member elected by the employees.

 Are trade unions present in the company?

Not compulsory.

If applicable what is the applicable legal working time? 

40 hours weekly, with two-shift schedule 38,75 hours weekly and with three-shift or continuous  shift schedule 37,5 hours weekly. Specific rules may apply for specific categories of employees (e. g. younger than 16, or employees working on dangerous working places).

Is there a minimum wage set by law/collective agreements (yes/no)? 

Yes. By the law, whereby the minimum wage increases each year also by the law. If more favorable, the minimum wage stipulated in the  collective agreements applies.

What is the number of legal annual paid holidays?

- 4 weeks yearly, if an employee is younger than 33 years.
- 5 weeks yearly , if an employee is at least 33 years old in the particular year or if the employee is taking a permanent care for a child.
If more favorable, the number of holidays stipulated in the  collective agreements applies.

Existence of specific classification of employees according to their functions/responsibilities? 

Yes. Managers (i.e. “superior employees”) may have longer probationary period and their salary usually includes 150 overtime hours yearly, if agreed so in the employment contract. Different regulation may apply for these employees also regarding work on Saturday, Sunday, night work, etc.


Obligation to set up complementary social insurance schemes (mutual insurance/provident fund/pension)?

Not compulsory. However, all employees must be registered to mandatory social and health insurance.
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