Regulations applicable to legal representatives: Legal and social security status in selected countries

published on 25 March​ 2024 | reading time approx. 3 minutes

​​​​​​​​The question and organization of corporate governance of a company/group is crucial and raised a lot of question in particular in transnational situations.
​​Nomination processes for these roles are governed by corporate and labour laws, defining their rights, obligations, and liabilities: Labour, social security and tax law issues also come into play, addressing employment relationships, working conditions, and contributions to social security insurances.​

In this context, you will find below an overview of the main aspects regarding national regulations regarding the Legal and Social security status applica​ble to Legal Representatives in selected countries.

The term "Legal Representative", used within this article, encompasses a broad spectrum of individuals empowered to act on behalf of the company in legal matters, reflecting the diverse nature of legal roles within organizations.

Legal status of Legal Representatives in selected countries: Nomination and corporate/labour law issu​es

Please note: This overview does not claim to be exhaustive regarding the different corporate forms provided for under national law, nor does it present the potential risks under tax law linked to the question of the existence of a permanent establishment.​

Please find hereafter more detailed information about nomination, remunation related to corporate/labour law issues in selected countries:

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