Investment guide United Arab Emirates: Acting jointly


published on 10 February 2021


The economic importance of the Middle Eastern states has grown enormously during the last decade, notwithstanding minor trouble spots of political instability. Products and services “Made in Germany” are in high acclaim in the Arab countries, currently making this region one of the most attractive sales markets for German exports; in 2010 Germany even became the biggest European exporter to the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.




In particular, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have developed to a dynamic economic hub of the Middle East during the recent years, notwithstanding the international financial crisis, and even outdid the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by becoming the most important foreign trade partner of the German export economy in the Arab world. Thanks to their political stability, diversified economy and outstanding infrastructure, the United Arab Emirates are an ideal location for foreign investments – even during the time of economic and political disturbances in the Middle East.


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