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Foreword of the Editorial Team


Dear Newsletter Subscribers,


The year 2020, which was strongly marked by the COVID-19 pandemic with unprecedented and unforeseeable economic, political and social consequences, is nearing its end. The Advent season that has already begun, brings a glimmer of new hope for a better 2021.


In this issue we have once again touched upon the topic of "crisis" and explain selected aspects of law, taxation and business administration. Hardly any company is not affected by the crisis. Some are struggling to escape bankruptcy or to keep jobs. For others, the crisis is an opportunity, for example because their products are in greater demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chains could be maintained or they have not been affected by closures ordered by the government. The crisis is clearly highlighting the weaknesses of individual business models, thus creating pressure for change.


We take this opportunity to thank you, dear Readers, for your loyalty, the regular exchange of information and the many suggestions we have received from you. We hope to continue our lively dialogue with you in the future.


Despite the governmental restrictions, we wish you a blessed Advent and Christmas season full of joy and contemplation, as well as relaxing holidays and a good start into the New Year 2021.


Stay healthy!


Your M&A Dialogue Editorial Team

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