Malaysia's Budget 2022: Highlights and Key Tax Proposals


published on 6 December 2021


On 29 October 2021, the Malaysian Minister of Finance tabled Malaysia’s Budget 2022, which is the largest budget to date in the country’s history.

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​Recovery, resilience and reform are the three objectives of Budget 2022 as Malaysia emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic. In the course of this webinar, my dear colleagues Priya Selvanathan and Prabu Chaloraju will discuss the


  • Budget’s main theme and focus areas;
  • Malaysia’s proposed investment plans and budget allocation;
  • Key tax and incentive proposals.


At the end of this webinar you will have a sound understanding of Malaysia’s position and direction towards recovery from the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2022, and how the proposed investments, budget allocation and tax proposals are likely to affect you and your business – especially in year 2022.


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