Webinar: The Malaysian Budget 2023


published on 10 March 2023


The Malaysian Budget 2023 has been re-tabled on Friday, 24 February 2023. The Budget 2023 will take into account the current economic challenges, while at the same time focusing on measures promoting the country’s competitiveness and sustainable economic recovery. 
During the course of this webinar, Priya Selvanathan, Vivian Ng and Dalvinder Tijwant Singh highlighted 
  • The 2023 Budget’s focus areas;
  • Malaysia’s proposed investment plans and budget allocation;
  • Key tax and incentive proposals. 
Beyond a sound understanding of Malaysia’s position and direction to ensure sustainable economic growth, you will get a comprehensive insight into how the proposed investments, budget allocation and tax proposals are likely to affect you and your business in 2023. 
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