Rödl Employee Fund for Children’s Aid: The alipes e.V. project – Hippotherapy for disabled children and adolescents


published on 12 February 2020 | reading time approx. 1 minute


The alipes e.V. association, based in Munich, helps children and adolescents with physical disabilities worldwide.


The children are provided with the best possible orthopaedic care for the development of motor skills. Among other things, the association helps treat congenital deformities or changes in bones, muscles or joints, which can be of orthopaedic or neuromuscular origin. These disorders can be very painful or lead to developmental disorders. The association provides the necessary care to children from financially disadvantaged families. The association is run entirely by volunteers.


The Rödl Employee Fund for Children’s Aid has decided to help those children and to sponsor 53 hours of hippotherapy for them; for this, we donated a cheque to the association. This will enable many children and adolescents to continue or to start therapy at all. Hippotherapy is a form of physical therapy that uses specially trained horses. The therapy uses the characteristic movements of a horse to provide motor and sensory input. This aims to improve neurological function and sensory processing.



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Norman Lenger-Bauchowitz, LL.M.


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