Rödl Employee Fund for Children’s Aid supports little Mara giving her a bed of her own and toys

published on 10 March 2022 | Reading time approx. 1 minute
Mara’s speech therapist contacted us and asked if we could support the little girl and her mother. The girl still used to sleep in her mother’s bed and was unable to find rest at night. She therefore needed more sleep during the day and could not concentrate because she was sleepy. Mara has autism and hardly communicates with other people. 

After we talked to the speech therapist about Mara's current needs, we bought her an own bed and all that goes with it, a crawling tunnel and a balance bicycle.  Moreover, Mara got a cuddly Mickey Mouse pillow. It is important for the girl to have a place of retreat where she feels safe and is able to calm down.

After the various things were ordered and delivered, we made an appointment with Mara's mother. There we fixed up the bed and handed over the crawling tunnel and the balance bicycle. 

We truly hope that thanks to this the girl will gain more confidence in her environment, that she will be able to make good use of the newly gained place of retreat and, thus, the situation of the small family will improve. A few weeks later, Mara's mother told us that her daughter really liked the bed. It's a really nice feeling that we could help!



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