Thailand re-opening

As of 1 November 2021, Thailand has approved travelers from 63 countries to enter Thailand with quarantine exemption. Under the scheme, travelers from the approved countries can enter Thailand by air, and only have to quarantine for 1 night to await a negative Covid-19 test. 
Travelers have to apply for a Thailand Pass QR Code online at: To receive the Thailand Pass QR Code, the following conditions have to be met: 

Condition No. 1

Stay at least 21 days in one of the approved 63 countries under the Notification of the Operating Centre for Measures on the Entry into and Departure from the Kingdom, and Projection of Thai Nationals Abroad, dated 21 and 30 October 2021. Note that this requirement does not apply to Thai nationals and people residing in Thailand. The 63 countries are:


​Australia​ ​​Czech Republic​Israel​Nepal​Sri Lanka
Austria Denmark​Italy​Netherlands​South Korea
Bahrain​Estonia​Japan​New Zealand​Spain
Brunei Darussalam ​GermanyLatvia​Philippines Taiwan
Bulgaria​Greece ​Lithuania​Poland​United Arab Emirates
Cambodia​Hong Kong​Luxembourg​Portugal​​United Kingdom
Canada​Hungary​Malaysia​Qatar​United States of America
​China​India​MaltaSaudi Arabia


Please note: The current rules do not provide clear guidance on transits. However, according to a Q&A produced with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as with the Thai Tourism Authority, the following rules apply to transits: 

  • Travelers can combine stays in approved countries for a total of 21 days.
  • Travelers can transit in not approved countries, provided the stay in such country is less than 12 hours and the traveler stays only in the airport.


Condition No. 2 

Have a Certificate of vaccination for approved vaccines. The last jab has had to be administered at least 14 days prior to travel.  Note that this requirement does not apply to travelers under the age of 12.


Condition No. 3

Have a Medical certificate which states that the traveler is free from Covid-19 (PT-PCR test negative within 72 hours before travel)


Condition No. 4

Have a confirmed booking (including payment) for a 1 night stay at an approved quarantine hotel including 1 PT-PCR test. This stay is to ensure accommodation when awaiting a negative Covid-19 test upon entry to Thailand. Note that you will have to organize transportation from the airport to the hotel as well. The hotel must be within 2 hours of the airport.


Condition No. 5

Have an Insurance policy with a coverage of 50,000 USD for Covid-19. 


Please note: According to the latest information, expatriates residing and working in Thailand may submit their social security number as sufficient evidence of health insurance.


The Arrival Process will be as follows:

  • Presenting Thailand Pass QR Code to the Health control 
  • Immigration 
  • Travel to booked accommodation 
  • Staying at least 1 night at reserved quarantine hotel
  • Take PT-PCR test
  • Download and install MorChana Application at the hotel
  • Receive negative PT-PCR Test result 
  • Receive Antigen Test Kit for tests on day 6 - 7 of staying in Thailand (the results of which have to be recorded in the MorChana Application)
  • Travel onwards in Thailand 


The Blue Zone Sandbox Program

Fully vaccinated travelers from other countries can enter Thailand under the Blue Zone Sandbox Program. Under this scheme, travelers will have to undergo 7 nights of quarantine. Eligible provinces are currently Bangkok, Krabi, Chonburi, Chiang Mai, Trat, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Phang-Nga, Phetchaburi, Phuket, Ranong, Rayong, Loei, Samut Prakan, Surat Thani, Nong Khai and Udon Thani. The further significant criteria and proceedings are similar to the TEST & GO program. 

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