Implementation of E-TT system for Telegraphic Transfer/Electronic Funds Transfer and Interbank Giro Payment Methods

Starting 1 April 2022, the new e-TT System will be implemented for the following payments through TT, EFT and IBG methods from within and outside Malaysia:
  • Income Tax
  • Petroleum (Income Tax)
  • Real Property Gains Tax (“RPGT”)
  • Compound Payment
  • Income tax paid by Foreign Artists (Public En-tertainer)
  • Withholding Tax (“WHT”)
Taxpayers who wish to pay tax through TT, EFT and IBG payment methods will be required to access the e-TT System to generate a Virtual Account (“VA”) Number as payment identification. 
The VA Number will be used as the payment account number, i.e. MIRB CIMB bank account number when making payments through IBG / TT / EFT / RENTAS through the electronic banking portal or at the bank counter. 
Please take note that one (1) VA number is limited to only one (1) transaction. As such, a new VA number will have to be generated each time a new transaction/payment is to be made.

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