Amendments to the Civil and Commercial Code

On 7 February 2023, an amendment to the Thai Civil and Commercial Code officially came into force. The amendment will ease commercial operations in Thailand (find a more detailed description in the Newsflash Q4-2022. 

Notable changes are as follows: 
  • A Private Company Limited can be established with two promoters, and only requires two shareholders. Previously, three promoters and shareholders were required. 
  • The Thai CCC now contains a provision officially permitting to hold a board of directors meeting by electronic means. Thus, as long as the articles of a company require meetings in person, the board can meet electronically.
  • In calling an Annual General Meeting of the shareholders, the invitation no longer has to be published in a newspaper, facilitating the process of shareholder meetings in Thailand. 
  • The Thai CCC now includes a provision to facilitate mergers of companies. Previously, the law only regulated the amalgamation of companies.

Overall, all changes are most welcomed and a right step into easing doing business in Thailand. 

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