Singapore Courts to develop AI program to assist with claims in the Small Claims Tribunal

Singapore Courts has partnered with legal AI startup Harvey to develop a generative, Chat GPT-like AI program to assist with filing or defending a claim in the Small Claims Tribunal. 
The tiny nation operates Small Claims Tribunals, which focus primarily on disputes between consumers and suppliers that don't exceed $20,000 and doesn't allow parties to be represented by a lawyer. 
To cope with the workload of around 10,000 cases a year, an AI will be developed over the next two years to help users interact with the tribunal and ensure an efficient and speedy resolution. The AI model will be trained on redacted case files and judgments to not only answer questions regarding the proceedings themselves, but also to help plaintiffs file their claims correctly by automatically filling in forms with the information provided by the user, or highlighting areas where more information or evidence may be needed for the claim to succeed. 
Ideally, the AI could even estimate how much a person might be able to claim. With the aim of making the legal system more accessible to everyone, the program could, if deemed successful, be rolled out to areas such as civil claims and divorce maintenance.

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