Visa regulations - Extended visa exemption and new "Destination Thailand Visa"


Thailand fell short of expected tourist numbers during the last few months. Thus, the government announced urgent measures for enhancing tourism. 

Visa exemption

​The list of countries applicable for visa exemption will be extended to 93 countries (including Germany, Austria, France, UK, US, China, Taiwan, etc.) and duration of stay will be extended to 60 days. The current announcement state that the visa exemption will be extended to not only cover tourism purposes but also short-term business purposes. Pending implementation and specifics, extending the period of stay and including business purposes would be very beneficial to business travelers.

Visa on-arrival

​The list of countries will be extended to 31 countries. Visa on-arrival will be issued for tourist purposes. 

Destination Thailand Visa

The announcement includes a new form of visa which shall permit a period of stay of 180 days (a validity of 5 years, multiple entry) in Thailand. Eligible persons shall include remote workers, digital nomads and freelancers as well as participants in Muay Thai courses, cooking classes, sports events, medical treatment, musicians, and depends (spouse and children) of eligible person. Currently it is announced, that the visa fee will be THB 10,000. 

E-Visa application and issuance

​Furthermore, Thailand will extend the list of countries in which visa will be issued electronically. 
Note: The Thai cabinet announced the changes on 29 May. Thus, it remains to be seen how and when the changes will be effectively implemented. 

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