Visa regulations - New visa for the Eastern Economic Corridor


On 14 May 2024, the Thai cabinet approved new visa type to attract high-potential foreigners for the Eastern Economic Corridor (provinces south-east of Bangkok, Chachoengsao, Chonburi and Rayong). 

Four groups will be eligible as follows:

​EEC “S” Visa
​Highly qualified persons working in targeted industries in the Eastern Economic Corridor
​EEC “E” Visa
​Executives in senior positions working in companies in the Eastern Economic Corridor
​EEC “P” Visa
​Professionals working in companies operating in the Eastern Economic Corridor
EEC “O” Visa​​Spouse and children of an EEC Visa holder of the other categories



The visa will be valid for 10 years (5+5) under the condition of employment in the EEC. During application, a signed employment agreement has to be presented and the validity of the EEC visa cannot exceed the duration under the employment agreement. 


Eased Work Permit Process: 

Holders can access the eased EEC process for issuance of work permits to foreigners.

Flat rate personal income tax: 

Holders will be taxed at a rate of 17 % (instead of the usual progressive rate of 0-35 %).
No 90-day reporting: Holders will not be required to report to the immigration in case of staying in Thailand for consecutive 90 days. 


Holders will be eligible to use the Fast-Track lanes at airports.

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