Duration of Job Advertisement and exemption from job advertising requirement

As of 1 September 2022, the FCF job advertising duration for EP and S Pass applications has been restored to 14 days – as opposed to 28 days previously. 
A company is exempt from the FCF advertising requirements if it meets any of the following criteria: 
  1. the company has lessthan 10 employees; or 
  2. the fixed monthly salary for the position is SGD 20,000* or more; or 
  3. the role is short-term, i.e., not more than 1 month; or 
  4. the role is to be filled by a local transferee, i.e., an existing employee from your company in Singapore transferring to another related branch, subsidiary, or affiliate in Singapore; or 
  5. the role is to be filled by a candidate choosing to apply as an overseas intra-corporate transferee. 
*As of 1 September 2023, the salary threshold for exemption will be SGD 22,500. 

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