Portugal embraces the digital revolution and opens up digital opportunities for people and businesses


published on 28 April 2020 | reading time approx. 1 minute


The Government has published this Tuesday an action plan containing a set of measures to promote the digital transition of the economy, society and Public Administration.



The plan is part of the Portugal Digital Mission Structure which aims at coordinating and operationalizing the actions, measures and initiatives that are identified as priorities and involving all relevant Public Administration entities for the implementation of the measures.
The digital transition action plan is intended to be a driving force for the transformation of the country. For this purpose the strategy is built on three pillars:

  1. Digital inclusion;
  2. Digital transformation for the business sector;
  3. Digitization of the State.

The plan also lists 57 essential measures to the country´s development strategy, 12 of which are considered priorities, such as:

  • provision of computer equipment for teachers and students;
  • intensive and specialized training in the digital area;
  • adult digital inclusion;
  • social tariff for access to internet services;
  • e-residency program;
  • promotion of technological free zones with the creation of special regulatory regimes;
  • digital innovation hubs for entrepreneurship;
  • Digitisation of the 25 public services most used by citizens and businesses;
  • increase in the supply and translation of digital services of interest to internationalization in ePortugal;
  • a cloud of public services;
  • digital training program for SMEs in the countryside;
  • simplification of the processes of acquisition of technological material.

In this context the Government intends through this plan to define the new institutional framework for digital transformation, whether at the level of companies, the public Administration or citizens in general.

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