Golden Visa – Residence Permit for Investment Activity in Portugal (ARI)


published on 22 March 2018


Europe is and will remain attractive without restriction. A balanced climate, good investment possibilities and, above all, entrepreneurial and private security. The economic area of the European Union becomes increasingly appealing. This is due to the fact that wealthy private individuals and entrepreneurs from foreign states wish to gain access to this European Economic Area (Schengen area) in job-related and private terms.



By means of a Golden Visa (Schengen Visa), particular European states grant a permit of residence to foreign citizens and, after a certain amount of years, even the respective citizenship. Fundamentally, the access depends on whether investments are being made in the corresponding countries. As a result, funds are channeled within the respective EU countries and local investments are promoted. At the same time, foreign citizens are given the opportunity to move within the Schengen area unrestrictedly owing to these programs.

Consequently, the so-called “Golden Visa”-program receives a rising popularity. Thanks to the exceptional design of the “Golden Visa”-program by Portugal, investments of a wide scope are made in Portugal.


Our PDF document describes the specific requirements which are, however, dependent on the concrete state of affair and the respective citizenship of the applicant of the Golden Visa.


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