Portugal: New state of emergency measures


published on 28 January 2021 | reading time approx. 1 minute


As of 15 January, a new lockdown is in place in Portugal to control covid-19. As part of the effort to combat the pandemic, Portugal´s Government announced tough restrictions that will go on for at least a month.



Fifteen days is the maximum period in which the state of emergency can take effect under Portuguese law. However, it can be extended indefinitely in 15-day periods if necessary. Bearing in mind the evolving epidemiological situation, the Government has determined extraordinary measures aimed at limiting the spread of the pandemic and protecting public health by ensuring supply chains for essential goods and services.


The new rules:

  1. The prohibition of the sale or delivery or click and collect service of any non-food goods, including clothing stores.
  2. All food areas in the shopping centres are to be closed, even for take away.
  3. All promotional campaigns and sales are prohibited.
  4. Parks may remain open, but nobody may stop in these areas.
  5. Local councils are to limit access to areas that attract large concentrations of people such as riversides or sea fronts. The use of benches, play parks, sports equipment, even tennis and paddle, are prohibited.
  6. All workers who have to work outside the home must have a valid declaration to go to work. All service companies with more than 250 employees have 48 hours to submit a list of their essential workers.
  7. It is prohibited to move between municipalities during the weekend.
  8. All establishments of any type must close at 8pm on weekdays and at 1pm on weekends, with the exception of food stores that may remain open until 5pm on weekends
  9. The government will now also reinforce the presence of police on the streets to enforce the lockdown rules across the country.


Current rules

  1. Movement between municipalities at the weekend are prohibited.
  2. Duty to stay at home.
  3. Gatherings: the movement and concentration of groups of more than 5 people is prohibited, in private or public spaces, unless they belong to the same household.
  4. Establishments and services closed to the public: hairdressers / barber shops, Gyms, sports facilities, museums, and leisure spaces.
  5. Religious celebrations must follow the rules of capacity reduction, community distancing and the mandatory use of a mask.
  6. Telework is mandatory.
  7. Non-essential retail closed.
  8. Public services: booked appointments only.
  9. Bars and Restaurants: Closed: exception for sales by takeaway and delivery.


Decree n. º 3-A/2021, 14 January, regulates the implementation of the state of emergency declared by the President of the Republic and can be consulted here » and for the new rules see here »

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