Public holidays and compensatory working days in China 2024

published on 27 December 2023 approx. reading time 1 minute


As is the case at the end of every year, China‘s State Council has recently announced the dates of public holidays for 2024. As some public holidays are based on the lunar calendar, the public holiday will vary from year to year.



here are seven official holidays in China. These are New Year, Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival and National Day. Traditionally, and again in 2024, the Spring Festival and National Day holidays are extended to a week of consecutive public holidays.

Particularly in the case of longer public holiday periods, preceding and/or following weekend days may be working days. These working days serve to compensate for some of the consecutive public holidays. In principle, companies are also free to make these compensatory working days non-working days.

Below is the official public holiday calendar and compensatory working days 2024:


Holiday DateDurationCompensatory working days
New Year30.12.2023 – 1.1.2024
three days

Spring Festival 10.2. – 17.2.2024
eight days
4.2. & 18.2.2024
Qingming-Festival4.4. – 6.4.2024three days
Labor Day1.5. – 5.5.2024five days
28.4. & 11.5.2024
Dragon Boat Festival8.6. – 10.6.2024three days

Moon Festival

15.9. – 17.9.2024
three days
National Day1.10. – 7.10.2023seven days
29.9. & 12.10.2024


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