Rödl Employee Foundation for Children’s Aid finances Christ Child Campaign Action by “Höchstadt’s Helping Hands“


published on 17 February 2022 | reading time approx. 2 minutes


The "Helping Hands" volunteers invested a lot of effort and time before Christmas to make sure that the refugee children in the Höchstadt accommodation centre could celebrate Christmas with joy. The Rödl Employee Foundation for Children's Aid covered the costs for this action.


During Advent, we received a call from Ms Carolin Koch, refugee and integration counsellor at the Diakonie Bamberg-Forchheim. She told us about a planned Christ Child campaign by Höchstadt's organisation "Helfende Hände” [helping hands], which has supported the Diakonie in its social engagement projects on a regular and voluntary basis, and asked whether Rödl & Partner could help with the project.

Also Ms Hundertmark, Managing Director at the Rödl Employee Foundation for Children’s Aid, was enthusiastic about the project, and thus a financial grant from the Employee Foundation was approved.

Thanks to our support, the association was able to buy Christmas presents for the 34 children and young people living in the accommodation centre. On Christmas Eve, the volunteering "Christ Children” then, secretly and unnoticed by anyone, visited the shelters, placed the lovingly wrapped presents in front of the doors and thus brought some Christmas spirit to the children and families in Höchstadt.

The campaign was announced in a letter from the “Christ Child” initiative that read as follows: 

“Christmas is coming. A traditional Christmas tree is already lighting up your courtyard, too. I wish you all a happy Advent season and look forward to placing a present in front of your door on Christmas Eve
(24 December). 
Stay healthy! Your Christ Child“

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