Review: Panel Discussion Supply Chain Act (LkSG) – A view to Asia


published on 18 November 2021 | reading time approx. 1 minute

The controversial German Supply Chain Act (LkSG) was passed in summer 2021 and caused quite a stir. In the meantime, the dust has settled somewhat, but many companies still underestimate the impact of the law.

Although it is said that, for the time being, only companies with more than 3,000 employees are affected, a closer look at the law reveals that further companies and suppliers along the global supply chains are also covered by the law, and that it does not stop at national borders. In today's globally networked environment, it is common practice for international supply chains to reach into all corners of the world – especially with a view to Asia – and there in particular to China, India or Vietnam.
But what impact does the Supply Chain Act have on German companies in Asia? How does the law affect the supply chains between Asian countries and Germany? And what obligations and challenges does the new law bring for companies?
These and further questions were the topic of our panel discussion at the end of October. Please feel free to use our opportunity to watch our recording on the topic » 

In addition to a brief general introduction to the topic, we looked in particular at the countries China, India and Vietnam.
Participating in the panel discussion were:
  • Carla Everhardt, Rödl & Partner Cologne
  • Sebastian Wiendieck, Rödl & Partner Shanghai
  • Simone Puddu, Rödl & Partner Pune
  • Michael Wekezer, Rödl & Partner Vietnam
We look forward to your feedback and questions, should they not have been answered during the panel discussion.


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