Panel discussion: German Supply Chain Act and its impact in Asia


published on 2 november 2022 


The German Supply Chain Act was passed in June 2021 and will come into effect in 2023. In today's globally connected world, it is common for international supply chains to reach into the remotest corners of the world – especially with a view to Asia – and here in particular to China, Malaysia, Thailand or Vietnam. How does the Supply Chain Act affect German Companies in Asia? Which impact does the Law have on supply chains between Asian countries and Germany? And what obligations and challenges does the new Law impose on internationally active companies?



It is time to act and to get your business ready for 2023. In our panel discussion, we focused on the practical implications of the Law and on what to do and to implement in order to keep your business compliant with the Law.

On 26 October 2022, Felix Engelhardt (Rödl & Partner Shanghai) and our experts Martin Chrometzka (Rödl & Partner Bangkok), Markus Schlueter (Rödl & Partner Kuala Lumpur/Cologne), Michael Wekezer (Rödl & Partner Ho Chi Minh City) and Sebastian Wiendieck (Rödl & Partner Shanghai), discussed the German Supply Chain Act and its impact and implementation in Asia, providing hands-on advice on what you should particularly focus on in the future, as well as the measures you can take to ensure compliance with the Law, avoid penalties and minimize risks. 


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