Tax Unplugged Podcast: Stars and Stripes – Introduction to our US Tax Practice

There are many tax consulting firms in the market, but there is only one Rödl & Partner. "Tax Unplugged" is our tax podcast that takes a look behind the scenes.

published on 28 July 2022
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In this podcast episode, our host Prof. Dr. Florian Haase welcomes Elisa Fay. She leads the National Tax Office of Rödl & Partner in the United States.

Elisa Fay informs about the structure of our business in the US, our client base and the tax services our US offices offer. Furthermore, our host and our invited tax expert talk about main challenges of German enterprises when entering the US market, US tax policy issues and the reallocation of international taxing rights.

In a humorous game at the end, Elisa Fay spills the tea on some private details, e.g., her affection for college football, slow food and her hometown Atlanta. Last but not least, she explains what makes Rödl & Partner so special for her.


The topics of this podcast episode with Elisa Fay at a glance:

  • Welcome to our nine Rödl & Partner offices in the US! (1:15)
  • Structure of our business and (tax) services in the US (2:30)
  • In detail: peculiarities of our tax services and all about our client base (4:05)
  • Legal advisory in the US (6:05)
  • OECD; Pillar 1 & Pillar 2: US tax policy as a major economic and political player (7:20)
  • Reallocation of taxing rights: Will the cash-flow tax be put back on the table? (11:00)
  • Game: two terms, one answer (12:10)
  • Closing question: What makes Rödl & Partner so special? (14:45)

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Prof. Dr. Florian Haase, M.I.Tax

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