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published on 15 December 2022
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In this podcast episode, our host Prof. Dr. Florian Haase welcomes Ignacio del Val. He is based in our office in Madrid and is responsible for our tax consulting services in Spain.

After describing his career path to Rödl & Partner, Ignacio del Val gives deep insights into our business in Spain, our client base, our offices, the services we offer in Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca and the specialization of Germans living in Spain. Furthermore, our tax experts talk about peculiarities in the Spanish taxation law and about main challenges of German enterprises when entering and investing in the Spanish market and what needs to be considered in any case.

In a humorous game at the end, Ignacio del Val spills the tea on some private details, e.g., why he prefers Spanish beer and what he likes about the EU. Last but not least, he ends the conversation with some German words and explains, what he likes most about Rödl & Partner.

The topics of this podcast episode with Ignacio del Val at a glance:

  • Get to know Ignacio del Val (1:00)
  • Structure of our business and consulting services in Spain (2:00)
  • “Off to the beach”: the current issue of Germans moving to Spain (5:00)
  • About the Spanish client base and what services are most requested (6:00)
  • Peculiarities in the Spanish taxation law and challenges (6:50)
  • Game: two terms, one answer (10:40)
  • Closing question: What makes Rödl & Partner so special? (11:45)

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