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There are many tax consulting firms in the market, but there is only one Rödl & Partner. "Tax Unplugged" is our tax podcast that takes a look behind the scenes.

published on 16 March 2023
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In this podcast episode, our host Prof. Dr. Florian Haase welcomes Vivian Yao. She is based in our office in Shanghai and is responsible for our tax consulting services in China.

Vivian Yao gives deep insights into the interdisciplinary structure of our China business and the tax services our Chinese colleagues can offer. 
In this context, our host and our invited tax expert talk about Chinese tax peculiarities and the main challenges of German companies when entering and investing in the Chinese market and what to consider in any case. Furthermore, Vivian Yao explains the country’s perspective on current developments and hot topics such as Pillar 2.

In a humorous game at the end, Vivian Yao lets the cat out of the bag and tells why she prefers books to e-books and what makes her so happy about chocolate. Finally, she explains what makes working at Rödl & Partner special for her.

The topics of this podcast episode with Vivian Yao at a glance:

  • Spotlight on for Vivian Yao (1:00)
  • Structure of our business and (tax) services in China (1:40)
  • About the Chinese client base and the most requested services (3:00)
  • Investing in China: the world is changing and so is international tax law (6:50)
  • Peculiarities of Chinese taxation: vat system, income tax system (8:00)
  • Wanted: more cases to improve the Chinese tax system (11:00)
  • Hot topics: China’s point of view on current developments (12:00)
  • Game: two terms, one answer (13:55)
  • Closing question: What makes Rödl & Partner so special? (15:15)

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