Ukraine: Reduction of registration period and costs for representative offices of foreign business entities


published on 26 November 2019 | Reading time approx. 1 minute


On 2 November 2019 the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Certain Issues of Registration of Representative Offices of Foreign Business Entities in Ukraine” No. 893 entered into force.



The Decree No. 893 provides for a decrease of the registration fee for registration of representative offices (branches) of foreign business entities from USD 2,500 to an amount equivalent to 1 subsistence minimum in the relevant year. In 2019, this amount equals UAH 1,921 (approximately USD 80). In addition, the time of re­gistration is reduced from 60 to 20 business days.

The above changes do not apply to registration of representative office of a foreign business entity which is resident of a country declared by Ukrainian Parliament as an aggressor country. The registration fee for such entity amounts to 30 sub­sistence minimums (UAH 57,630 or approximately USD 2,350 in 2019) and the time of re­gistration remains 60 business days. 


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