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VAT Fellows wants to be a fellow, a companion and partner for your initial orientation, for entrepreneurs, companies and interested parties doing or planning business nationally and abroad. It also demonstrates our working together on a daily basis as ONE firm concerning VAT advisory services in our International VAT Group. This group consists of very experienced, motivated and great colleagues as your VAT Fellows. 

On the following pages – embodying our VAT Fellows intentions – reachable via our interactive world map below, we are pleased to provide you with a summary basis for understanding the key facts of domestic Indirect Taxation, especially Value Added Tax (VAT) rules. We will also inform you about the new and planned e-invoicing and digital reporting requirements in the European Union on a national and EU-cross-border basis in our separate summary (see our flyer below).

VAT Fellows Guidelines

Prepared by our International VAT Group, the booklet covers 33 countries and their respective VAT regulations.
398 pages, 3rd edition

Creating structures

This flyer covers national and cross-border e-invoicing and digital reporting requirements.

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VAT can affect almost every cross-border transaction and is a key factor in a business cash flow and potentially a real bottom-line cost. Furthermore, VAT is imposed in more than 165 countries worldwide, making it the world's most commonly applied tax, however with very differing regulations across countries.

As many businesses operate globally and perform cross-border transactions with delivery of goods or supplies of services, there is an increasing interest to be VAT compliant in a foreign country. It is thus crucial to receive first general information of the VAT treatment during business case planning, for example VAT rates, VAT registration obligations, simplifications, refund possibilities. The objective is to avoid any VAT risks and calculate project costs, valid price and margin and dodge retroactive VAT. It is our intention to give you a first overview of key countries worldwide.

Many countries like India or particular states of the Gulf Cooperation Council like United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia implemented a new Goods and Services Tax (GST) or VAT system. In the European Union many new regulations and proposals are published that must be considered by companies to evade interest and penalty risks. These include e-commerce, with the new special declaration procedures One Stop Shop (OSS) and Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) since July 2021, but also vouchers, travel services, immovable property related services and intra-Community deliveries.

Our VAT Guidelines form a solid basis for coping with internationalisation and digitalisation in the VAT area with our expert input as tax advisors. 

Due to the successful first and second edition of our VAT Guidelines covering up to 30 countries which was distributed to our clients worldwide, the third edition is now available with 33 countries highlighted by our respective local colleagues of Rödl & Partner. All colleagues are members of our International VAT Group initiated 2013 by our German tax advisory service line VAT Services.

In our International VAT Group, more than 50 VAT experts collaborate worldwide, with in- depth professional exchange, sharing approaches and hot topics in VAT as well as changes in law and best practice across industries. Therefore, Rödl & Partner offers comprehensive advisory in all national and international VAT issues and declaration obligations.

Rödl & Partner, through the global team of experienced VAT professionals, is pleased to support you in navigating the complex topic of VAT in reference with your existing and future business needs.


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