4. International Expert Roundtable: Impact of the pandemic on human resource management


​published on 13 October 2021

In our 4th International Expert Roundtable, our experts Dr. Michael Rödl – Germany, Christian Swoboda – Malaysia, Philipp Grymer – Sweden, Petr Hojsak – Czech Republic and Michael Wekezer – Vietnam, discussed the diverse and very specific impact of the pandemic on the complex field of human resource management. 

Home office, mobile working, quarantine, entry and exit restrictions, company vaccination offers or even compulsory vaccination... – Corona raises quite a number of questions that have a very immediate and also very diverse impact on your local and cross-border HR management.
Some of these are addressed in detail by our experts in this panel discussion:
  • What is the current situation in the countries? What is the impact of Corona on the local labor market – skills shortages, unemployment, expats?
  • Vaccination status/immunization requirements/occupational vaccinations – what are the options, rights and obligations of employers?
  • Return to work, hybrid solutions, on-site testing/temperature measurement – what does the “new normal” currently look like?
Does this also affect you and your company? Then feel free to watch our video recording:

 HR Practice in times of Covid-19: Requirements, options and definite don'ts

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