Rödl & Partner 2021 with good results

  • Total turnover increases to 531.7 million euros
  • Business volume in Germany grows to 294.8 million euros
  • Digitalisation a strong driver

Nuremberg, 19 April 2022: Rödl & Partner successfully continued its growth course in the 2021 financial year. Despite the Corona pandemic and macroeconomic challenges, Rödl & Partner's overall turnover rose to a total of 531.7 million euros (+7.3 percent). Germany accounted for 294.8 million euros (+9.5 percent). The professional services firm's clients worldwide are primarily internationally active German family businesses. Rödl & Partner expands globally with and accompanies them in an interdisciplinary manner with all five service lines.


Strong development in all service lines

The growth in turnover 2021 was driven by all service lines. Rödl & Partner generated strong growth in the transaction teams, especially in tax consulting and in audit, but also in legal advisory – for family businesses as well as for smaller and medium-sized private equity clients. Equally substantial growth was achieved in tax and legal advisory for family offices of entrepreneurial families. Overall, significant new clients were acquired in all service lines.

The drivers of the positive development continued to include comprehensive advice and support for clients in their digitalisation projects in all service lines. Digitally supported or digitally shaped services were in high demand in 2021, for example for the development and implementation of in-depth financial analyses through BI tools in the service lines audit and management and IT consulting, advisory and the implementation of tax compliance management systems in tax consulting and business process outsourcing across many country borders. A special focus here was on international VAT compliance and VAT consulting. This included several DAX mandates.

The strongest growth was achieved in the service line management and IT consulting, in particular through the implementation of ERP systems and the associated advisory services.

It is noteworthy that Rödl & Partner again acquired several larger family-owned companies as clients in 2021 and successfully expanded its existing business with long-standing clients. In addition, Rödl & Partner accompanied companies on their way to capital market readiness with its interdisciplinary advisory spectrum.

Digitalisation of services pays off

In the second year of the Corona pandemic, the German Mittelstand, which includes the particularly dynamic family businesses as well as internationally active global market leaders, has proven to be as flexible as it is successful. Rödl & Partner stands by them closely in challenging times as a reliable caring partner. And this is rewarded.

"It pays off that we invested in the digitalisation of our services at an early stage, as well as in our internal processes. Our global presence with our own offices was once again a thriving model for winning cross-border assignments and internationally active clients from German-speaking countries in 2021," comments Prof. Dr. Christian Rödl, Chairman of the Management Board of Rödl & Partner. "In Germany as well as internationally, our clients prefer personal and comprehensive advice in the various disciplines from a single source, supported by useful digital tools. This is what defines Rödl & Partner."

"We can look back on the 2021 financial year with satisfaction and see the positive development continuing this year," says Christian Rödl. "However, the transaction business could slow down somewhat due to global uncertainties. We expect a lot from our business area, which has been particularly strong for many years and advises and audits the energy sector, including renewable energies, on an interdisciplinary basis."

Development of skilled personnel a decisive factor

The number of employees at Rödl & Partner continued to rise compared to the previous year and amounted to 5,260 at the end of last year. Of these, a good 2,000 colleagues are based in Germany. "Worldwide, we are valued as an employer. Having our own local talents play a major role for us. Through them, we can ensure the same high standard of advice and auditing for our clients all over the world," explains Rödl.

Rödl cites the availability of highly qualified advisers and auditors on the labour market as an important criterion for an even more positive business expansion. Particularly in audit, tax and IT consulting, there is significantly more demand for qualified and experienced professionals worldwide in order to successfully continue the strong momentum in Rödl & Partner's advisory business.


While in most markets the problems and distortions caused by the Corona pandemic have now been absorbed and compensated for, new and very serious challenges have emerged. The war in Ukraine, the associated sanctions and the as yet unresolved issues of energy supply security will further complicate the economic environment for many companies this year. Added to this are the still unstable supply chains, especially the effects of possible pandemic-related lockdowns in China.

"Some of our clients continue to face major changes and tasks, transformation and digitalisation projects. Rödl & Partner accompanies these fields of action with all its service lines, including its own digital solutions and services. As a Mittestand shaped advisory firm with own global operations, we always try to anticipate what lies ahead for the companies. We use our knowledge of the markets and its participants to intensively support and advise our clients, to further strengthen their adaptability and thus position themselves even better," Rödl adds.

As a professional services firm, Rödl & Partner sees great potential in assisting its clients in meeting the requirements for sustainable business and ESG (environmental, social, governance) reporting, particularly in accordance with the EU taxonomy.

Rödl & Partner turnover development 2011 to 2021

Since the firm was founded in 1977, Rödl & Partner has expanded its business activities without interruption: since 2011, total turnover has more than doubled with +126 percent.



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