Rödl & Partner Italy advises Jonix on its listing on the Italian stock exchange AIM


Milan-Padova, 28 May 2021: Rödl & Partner Italy advised Jonix, an innovative SME and benefit company based in Padova and active in the field of indoor air sanitisation, on its AIM Italia debut.


All tax aspects were handled by an expert team from Rödl & Partner Padova, led by Partner Giovanni Fonte and supported by Associate Partner Enrico Cecchinato. Legal advisory was provided by Grimaldi Studio Legale led by Partner Paolo Daviddi and Donatella de Lieto Vollaro, together with Associates Monica Ronzitti, Angelica Codazzi and Francesca Tanzi. Other advisers include Bestinver S.A. in the role of Nomad and Global Coordinator, KPMG as auditor and IRTop led by Anna Lambiase together with Maria Antonietta Pireddu, as financial advisor.


Admission of Jonix shares took place following the assignment of 1,542,900 shares at a unit price of €4.00, for gross proceeds of €6,171,600. There are now 6,542,900 shares outstanding, with a theoretical capitalisation of €26.17 million. The free float is 23.58 percent.


About Jonix

Jonix devices continuously sanitise the air and surfaces of indoor environments through the Jonix Non Thermal Plasma Technology, an evolved form of ionisation, activated by a special NTP generator, developed within the proprietary technical and scientifical laboratory JonixLAB and covered by three patents. Jonix Non Thermal Plasma Technology is a no-touch sanitisation system that guarantees environments continue to sanitise for the whole time the devices are running, minimising the phenomena of recolonisation by pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, volatile chemical com-pounds, and any type of odor, unlike one-shot sanitisation, thus contributing to the prevention of infections from airborne diseases (including Covid-19). It acts on air and surfaces 24 hours a day, even in the presence of people, with no contra-indications, protects the environment and does not interfere with the operation of machinery, air conditioning systems or technological devices.


Advisers to Jonix

Rödl & Partner Italy

Giovanni Fonte, Partner, Padova – Tax
Enrico Cecchinato, Associate Partner, Padova – Tax


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Marta Calzavacca

+39 (02) 6328841

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