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M&A yearbook 2019


In the 2019 business year, 313 transactions were successfully completed with the support of Rödl & Partner. This was yet another marked increase compared with the previous year and is a sign of the continued active interest in company transactions both at home and abroad. It also reflects how strongly family-run companies are represented in this field. This year too, our special thanks therefore go to our clients who entrusted us with accomplishing the most manifold tasks.

The 2020 business year has been shaped by the global corona pandemic and the economic consequences are enormous. It is becoming apparent that this will have an effect on the M&A market too. Nevertheless, we expect a significant number of company transactions. The reasons for this are the following, amongst others:

  • Not every company and not every sector has been affected by the crisis in the same way
    and therefore been left hamstrung.
  • Strategic investors as well as private equity will seek out and make use of their opportunities. Times of crisis have always been good times for investment too.
  • As opposed to 2008, the corona crisis is not a financial crisis. As a result, companies have considerable capital at their disposal to finance acquisitions.
  • It can be assumed that companies are getting or have already got into trouble and that the number of M&A transactions for distressed companies will increase.
  • The market situation is attracting both national and international buyers who sniff a chance to acquire companies cheap.

We are amongst the leading M&A consultants and, with our international presence and scope and our interdisciplinary range of services, we are a strong reliable partner for German SMEs in this challenging environment.


We wish you an interesting read!


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