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Newsletter Latvia Archive


 Issue 25 January 2021

Labor Law amendments in relation to posting of workers

  • Working conditions and pay
  • Obligation to notify
  • Workers of temporary work agencies
  • Long-term posting

 Issue 11 January 2021

Unified account for tax payments

  • Unified tax account
  • Deadline for regular tax payments

 Issue September 2020

How companies can prepare for effective and efficient audit

  • Selection of the proper timing
  • Preparation of the required information
  • Procedures to be followed throughout the year
  • Closing procedures at the year end


Trading online - what should be taken into account

  • Content of the website of an e-shop
  • Concluding transactions online
  • Copyright
  • Data protection
  • Food

 Issue 29 June 2020

Use and circulation of electronic documents

  • Legally binding electronic document
  • Compliance requirements for E-documents
  • Use of E-documents for company’s internal processes
  • Use of E-documents in external communication

 ISSUE 9 JUNE 2020

Optimization options by fast accounting document delivery

  • Ensuring of Statutory compliance
  • Preventing of extra costs
  • Facilitation of financial supervision and decision-making by the undertaking
  • Ensuring of immediate response in unforeseeable situations
  • Preparation of annual reports is facilitated

 Issue 15 May 2020

Covid-19: Update

  • Amendments to the “COVID-19” law
  • Amendments to the procedure of granting Downtime compensation


Covid-19: Updates and a reminder on the most essential

  • Extension of Emergency situation
  • Downtime payment for authors and performers
  • Practical issues for downtime compensations
  • Support to media
  • Exemption from VAT and import duties

 Issue 7 April 2020

Update on tools available for overcoming the crisis

  • Tax holidays, tax administration processes
  • Availability of downtime compensation
  • Alleviation for lease payments
  • Updates regarding civil law matters

 Issue 3 April 2020

Transfer pricing during crisis

  • Transfer pricing regulation and reality
  • Strategy during crisis and transfer pricing regulation
  • Justification of transfer pricing methods

 Issue 27 March 2020

Covid-19: Sectors affected by the crisis and criteria for other sectors

  • Sectors affected by the crisis
  • Criteria applicable to companies of other sectors in order to receive state-aid measures

 Issue 23 March 2020

Covid-19: State Aid measures in Latvia

  • Stateaid measures regarding taxation due to Covid-19
  • Legal state-aid mechanisms and financial instruments due to Covid-19


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