Venture capital study

​The study on valuation practices of venture capitalists was first launched in 2014 by Rödl & Partner in cooperation with the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg (Nuremberg Tech University). The recent update and extension also includes questions relating to drafting contracts in venture capital investments. More »

 Trend reports "growth countries renewable energy"

​2017 was again a very exciting year for the renewable energies sector. The development of green technology further boosts the expansion of renewable energies in the world. We hope that our trend reports encourage you for a stronger international engagement. More »


 Report "M&A transactions of German family-owned companies 2016"

The trend towards the global expansion of German family-owned companies via strategic company acquisitions remains unbroken. Despite increasingly intense competition to find appropriate targets, companies are continuing to expand their global presence, open up new markets and gain expertise and customers through acquisitions. More »

 Study "International commercialisation of renewable energies"

Our study aims to provide you with an overview of the economic and legal aspects in 16 selected countries. The intention is for you to be in a position to make reasonable business decisions for the future based on the facts, figures, and statements presented. More »


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