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Private investments are becoming increasingly important. The insufficient cover provided by public pension schemes and longer life expectancy have made private pensions more necessary.
High sovereign debts increase the desire of the financial authorities to gain access to the capital assets of private investors. The extended possibilities of the fiscal authorities to gain access to information, also increasingly across international borders, represent a challenge for investors and their advisors to continue to refine arrangements for the taxation of capital.
German banks and other financial service providers have to put the complex laws governing withholding tax into practice.
International banks and other financial service providers now have the challenge of providing investors subject to tax in Germany with adequate documentation to facilitate the correct and complete preparation of tax returns.
The tax treaty with Switzerland forces Swiss paying agents to take action. Lichtenstein is also currently conducting negotiations with Germany.
Further international requirements, for example due to the EU savings tax directive and the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, force American and international banks to comply with wide ranging global reporting regulations and withholding tax processes.


Services for German and international banks:

We offer the following back-office consulting services for the implementation of the current withholding tax requirements, also within the scope of tax treaties and the US Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act:
  • Identification, evaluation and implementation of the new extensive reporting obligations and withholding taxes
  • Seminars for bank staff
  • Assistance with customer information

We also offer consulting services for international banks and their customers in the changeover process to a strategy for legitimate money, a so-called "white money strategy".



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