Consulting for foundations – founding advisory

We work in an interdisciplinary team of specialists with a wide range of experience and expertise in dealing with the special requirements and aspects of the foundation sector and non-profit organisations. We equally take into account legal, tax and commercial requirements of companies and entrepreneurs. This allows us to offer you comprehensive founding consulting services for your foundation.

Foundation concept

  • Concepts for foundation projects
  • Elaboration of the goal of the foundation

Integration in the overall planning

  • Integration in the existing asset structure, supply situation, economic and personal situation and the succession planning of the founder and his relatives
  • Alternatives to the foundation

Asset protection through foundations 


Foundation and companies

  • Foundation as a participating utility in companies, twin foundation models
  • Foundations in the company management, co-determination of employees on the supervisory board, the legal form of the foundation

Family care

  • Provisions for the founder, family care, donations to beneficiaries
  • Use of foundation assets
  • Family rights and influence

Legal consulting

  • Choice of legal form for foundation activities
  • Foundations in international legal systems (Austrian private foundation, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, USA)
  • Design of statutes, arrangements for board members and design of organisation
  • Reservation of founder's rights, letter of sponsorship
  • Establishment during lifetime and in death with recognition of non-profit status, donation deductions, support for proceedings

Management of co-ordination and recognition procedure with regulatory authorities for foundations

Management of co-ordination and recognition procedure for charitable status with the financial authorities

  • Composition of the board
  • Assistance for transfer of assets


Gift agreement and last will in favour of a foundation


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