Consulting for foundations – general and ongoing advisory

We work in an interdisciplinary team of specialists with a wide range of experience and expertise in dealing with the special requirements and aspects of the foundation sector and non-profit organisations. We equally take into account legal, tax and commercial requirements of companies and entrepreneurs. This allows us to offer you comprehensive management consulting services for your foundation.

Consulting for statutes and governing bodies

  • Assessment of issues concerning statutes
  • Preparation and conducting of governing body meetings and resolutions
  • Remuneration of governing bodies and foundation employees
  • Governance and compliance in foundations

Foundation supervisory authorities

  • Compliance with disclosure and reporting obligations and co-ordination with the foundation supervisory authority
  • Assistance for enquiries of the foundation supervisory authority

Accounting and auditing

  • Design of the financial accounting and reporting to the supervisory authority and other recipients
  • Preparation of annual accounts
  • Statutory and voluntary foundation audits (annual accounts, capital preservation, use of funds, business management) 

Tax returns

  • Compliance with disclosure and declaration obligations
  • Tax transition calculations (sphere limitation, appropriation of funds)
  • Tax declaration consulting, tax exemption procedures, tax refund procedures
  • Assistance with tax audits from the fiscal authorities

Foundation assets

  • Preservation of the foundation assets
  • Formation of reserves according to foundation law and law governing non-profit organisations
  • Investments and reallocations in the foundation assets

Projects and use of funds

  • Obligations and time limits for the use of funds
  • Design and execution of foundation projects, support programmes and other measures for use of funds
  • Distribution policy and taxation of beneficiaries


  • Legal and tax assessment of fundraising activities (e.g. business operations, advertising, fundraising events)
  • Donations, sponsoring and other support for the foundation


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